Fellow Security Professionals:

The NJ Association of Licensed Security Agencies was recently formed to promote the interests of contract security firms and their employees within the state of NJ. Our organization will solicit the state government regarding legislation that directly impacts our industry and specifically our companies.

There has never been an organized effort to represent the vast contract security industry in our state. We are a powerful segment of the state economy with over 30,000 people working within the security industry in NJ. The time has arrived when we can use our influence to promote legislation that impacts our industry and helps our citizens.

Your participation through membership is vital to our success. We have created a membership fee structure that is fair to all companies based on employee populations. My counterparts on the executive committee have already logged many hours of work in creating this organization. This work is performed on behalf of all the security firms in the state and we are honored to represent you and your counterparts. We ask only that you help support the effort through membership. If you would be interested in taking a more active role by joining a committee please note that on your application.

The first critical piece of legislation is a bill before the assembly that would require proprietary security officers to be licensed under the Security Officer Registration Act – as you know, currently only contract security officers are required to be certified by the NJSP. This bill, if passed, would greatly benefit the contract firms and more importantly the citizens of this state by requiring that anyone working as security officer in this state be vetted by the NJSP.

Please click here to download the membership application.

Contact me should you have any questions. On behalf of the membership I thank you for your attention to this most important matter,

Gary Slodowski

Membership Committee Chairman
NJ Association of Licensed Security Agencies